June 12-16, 2017


Bexley High School

Entry Fee

$27 junior singles, $20 adult singles, $20 doubles team (COGP member discount)

Entry Deadline

Saturday, June 10 at midnight

MWsd, MW35sd, MW45sd, M55sd, Mxd, BG18,16,14,12,10s (FMC), BG18,14d

Contact Alann Leinwohl at 614-902-0927 or












The 2017 Bexley Open

The 2017 Bexley Open is cancelled due to a marked decrease in tournament registrations. Perhaps we can find a more suitable date for this tournament and come back stronger in 2018.

The OVTA district tournaments for juniors are June 10-13. Any players still participating in the districts will not be scheduled in Bexley until at least Tuesday, June 14. Depending on draw size, we will try to finish junior matches Thursday or Friday morning at the latest. Adult divisions will conclude on Saturday and Sunday, if necessary.

For more information: or (614) 902-0927.

Also note: All players who enter the Bexley Open agree to the following Liability Release . . .


I, as parent or legal guardian representing a minor participant and/or representing myself, a consenting adult, agree to release the City of Bexley, its officers, employees and volunteers from any and all liability for accidents, injuries, loss of and/or damage to my/our person or property that may arise out of my participation and/or my childŐs participation in or at the listed activity/activities. I am aware that participating in these activities or use of facilities involves certain risks of accidental injury despite safety precautions. I give my permission for my participation and/or my child to take part in said activity. In the event of an accident or emergency, if my and/or my childŐs physician is not available, I grant permission to call another licensed physician. I authorize staff to act for me according to their best judgment.

To enter the doubles and adult divisions, please e-mail the following information to

  • Name
  • Address
  • Age/Birthdate
  • Contact Phone
  • Email
  • USTA NUmber
  • Division(s) you wish to enter
  • If entering doubles, list your partner

Send to

For more information call Alann Leinwohl at(614) 902-0927.

Click here to register for the junior singles divisions.